Vertual Worlds

March 17, 2009


Lecture on the 10/03/09


Introduced to second life which is a free 3D virtual world where users can socialize, connect and create using voice and text chat. I currently use a similar world on the net called I LOVE using it I have so much fun dressing my avatar up in different things that I wouldn’t dream of wearing on the road. I play different games for money because it’s like the real world you have to pay for the things you want like clothes, shoes, accessories, backgrounds, hairstyles, make-up, animation etc you can even have a home, I’ve aka my meez has got one, love it. Loads of people use these virtual worlds and create a character they would love to be built can’t be in real life. My meez is the same as me I’ve tried my best to make her the same but she won’t be exact because of the websites limitations. The money on the meez website is called “coinz” makes it easy.Second Life is a free online virtual world imagined and created by its Residents. From the moment you enter Second Life, you’ll discover a fast-growing digital world filled with people, entertainment, experiences and opportunity. Second Life is a free 3D virtual world imagined and created by its Residents. To get started, you will need to download the Second Life viewer. Once installed, you will be able to walk, “teleport” or even fly to thousands of exciting 3D locations. You can also use voice and text chat to communicate with other real people from around the world.2. Is Second Life a game? Yes and no. While the Second Life interface and display are similar to most popular massively multiplayer online role playing games (or MMORPGs), there are two key, unique differences: Creativity: The Second Life virtual world provides almost unlimited freedom to its Residents. This world really is whatever you make it. If you want to hang out with your friends in a garden or nightclub, you can. If you want to go shopping or fight dragons, you can. If you want to start a business, create a game or build a skyscraper you can. It’s up to you. Ownership: Instead of paying a monthly subscription fee, Residents can start a Basic account for FREE. Additional Basic accounts cost a one-time flat fee of just $9.95. If you choose to get land to live, work and build on, you pay a monthly lease fee based on the amount of land you have. You also own anything you create—Residents retain intellectual property rights over their in-world creations. Can I die in Second Life? No. In some designated locations, there are some combat role-playing elements that include a health meter. But even in these areas, a Resident can never truly “die” and you will never lose your avatar or inventory. You can fly and even explore underwater areas without fear of harm. Also see “Death and Other “First Life” Worries. Who will I meet there? Are there real people in Second Life? Second Life is a virtual world with a Resident population of millions of real people from around the world. Each person is represented by an avatar that represents their chosen digital persona. They are gamers, housewives, artists, musicians, programmers, lawyers, firemen, political activists, college students, business owners, active duty military, architects, and medical doctors, to name just a few. There are even a fair number who are professional creators in Second Life. If you have a headset, you can even talk and use text chat for free. I found this information off the website Second life says what it’s about I think it’s more advanced to meez. I use meez to play games when I’m bored and have a little dress up with my mini me so I haven’t really explored the whole website. But reading up on Second Life it seems you can do quite a lot more, life have virtual lectures, money, even sex and hookers etc. I found out that a married couple who are both members of Second Life are getting divorced after the wife discovered her husband’s character was having virtual sex with virtual hookers. Amy Pollard grew suspicious of what her husband David’s character, Hunky Dave, was getting up to in the fictitious online world so hired an online detective to uncover the sordid truth.meez-and-2nd-life


The slideshow work we have been told to create on Dreamweaver has been a task to make. I have had quite a few problems making the slide show and getting used to all of the features within the program. To help me use the program I went on YouTube and looked up the tutorials to help me, other people in the class said that they helped them do some of the work that came up in the workshops.  dreamweaverThe main problem I had using Dreamweaver was changing the font for all the pages and some problem on div tags, I would find when I came in the next day I would just forget. So I decided to come in more often so it would be engraved in my brain. I found this useful it was a simple step by step guide. When were introduced to Flash I had a few problem using some of them features so I done the same thing and went on to YouTube again for some tutorials which were also useful.  flashThe pictures I chose to include in my side are the ones I used for my slideshow in “flikr”. The pictures are about Facebook. The reason I chose to use pictures of Facebook is because I used it every day and it is now a very important social utility in my life. The pictures used in my work are screenshots and some pictures I found on Google. In the beginning I taken some pictures with me on the computer but uploading them on the pc you could really see that I was on the Facebook website. The pictures we decided to use in our slideshow we had to change the size of other wise they wouldn’t show up. We did this using Photoshop. A lot of people had this problem.fbppl

Web 2.0

March 16, 2009

The World Is Flat: A Brief History of the 21st Century

is an international bestselling book by Thomas L. Friedman that analyzes globalization, in the early 21st century. The title is a metaphor to imagine the world as a level playing field in terms of commerce, where all competitors have an equal opportunity. As the first edition cover illustration indicates, the title also alludes to the perceptual shift required for countries, companies and individuals to remain competitive in a global market where historical and geographical divisions are becoming increasingly irrelevant.Speaking today about the web I found I tent to use that more than watching TV, nowadays I Can’t Be Arsed to watch TV it jus bores me same thing every week, the only programs I tend to make the effort foe is Desperate Housewives and 90210. Any other time I’m on the internet mainly Facebook. I used to have a MySpace but that bored me so I deleted it. Web 2.0 to me has more advatages than web one maybe becasue web 2.0 is more for me. Web 2.0  is about writing, wireless, tags, communities, blogs, Google etc. 

Web 2.0


Surveillance, from the French for “watching over,” refers to monitoring people by some higher authority i.e. the police, for instance. Now there’s sousveillance, or “watching from below.” This is a turn round tactic, it’s  the monitoring of authorities (i.e. Celebrities, presidents, prime minister etc) by informal networks of regular people, equipped with little more than mobile phone cameras, video blogs and the desire to remain vigilant against the excesses of the powers that be.The form, sousveillance can be traced to 1991, when recordings from a home video camera exposed the authority officers who beat Rodney King. Today, with the spread of cheap, lightweight cameras and the rise of Web video sites like YouTube, sousveillance has proliferated. Social networking is now being used to track down criminals by authority figures i.e. Facebook. When we use Facebook we put up pictures we want people to see of us, of us looking good, having fun, we wouldn’t ever put up a bad picture of ourselves. I’ve told people to take off certain pictures of me on Facebook because I don’t think they look good even if they do and vice-versa, it dosn’t matter it’s what we think. Also Facebook has killed our private life. A man taken I nice picture of his dog and then put it up on Facebook, the Facebook admin crew must have saw this picture then sold it to a calendar, the man has now seen the picture phoned up the calendar company and asked them where they got the picture from because it is his dog the company told him it was from the Facebook admin crew. When we sign up to Facebook we have no choice but to agree to the terms and conditions of using the social site. We give them permission to sell our pictures to whom ever they want. Also it’s easy for another person to find another person whether they want to be found or not, all it takes is a comment on a picture, and is you have any friends in common it comes up on their home page.

February 27, 2009


being introduced to dreamweaver have also been introduced to HTML coding, being told that it can help us get a job and also help us set up website much easier.  It is advised that we learn how to do it ourselves. I personally am trying to learn the basics it and I’m finding it ok. It’s easy to change the colour of text, background, headingds etc, but learning the different codes to set up a border that’s the hard part. Also slotting it in, in the right poison.
An example of how DIY

HTML was created in 1990 by Tim Berners Lee.

Tim Berners Lee & HTML

In 1989, he proposed a global hypertext project, to be known as the World Wide Web. This was to connect people together sharing their knowledge in a web of hypertext documents.
he created the first World Wide Web server, “httpd”. All of this started in October 1990, the program “WorldWideWeb” made available within CERN in December, and on the Internet in the summer of 1991.


February 27, 2009

Shark Teeth, 2009 By Chris Jordan
These pictures show 270,000 fossilized shark teeth, equivalent to the approximate number of sharks of all species killed around the world daily jus for their fins. Reading up on the internet I’ve found out quite a few things myself.
People don’t realise what their mindless consumption is doing to the world or in this case the amphibian world. 38 million sharks a year is being killed mercilessly for a momentary pampering of the taste buds and salivation.
Although almost all shark fins are exported, there is an internal order for shark fin rays, mainly in major hotels. India has been exporting shark fin to Hong Kong and Singapore for some time and lately new markets such as the USA, Malaysia, Germany, Taiwan Province of China and the United Arab Emirates have emerged.

Chris Jordan Speaks!!

February 27, 2009

Chris Jordanwatch?v=f09lQ8Q1iKE

This speech has made me think deeply about what i do. The fugures that he has for each category is amazing! the numbers are thousands, soon if were not careful which me wont be them figures are going to be millions. Iagree with him, it is so scary what the world is becoming, the meaning we can’t make from the big satistics. he is trying to change that he wants us to understand and to feel emotion for this deeply. then making it matter to us becuuse most people don’t care. the question he asks, the “big question” is how do we change? i personally think we can change we, our own person can change we are incharge of ourselves! so why don’t we because some people just don’t want to! to me there is no such word as can’t.

Chris Jordan

February 27, 2009

I think Chris Jordan’s work is brilliant every time I look at a picture my jaw drops, it reality and its bad, the world really need to change. His great work has touched my deeply and make me think what I am doing whether its leaving my light on in my room if I go down stairs or if I have rubbish in my hand I look for a bin or hold it until I find one. But these issues can not change the whole world  by one person, people really need to pull their finger out and help that is were the power comes from that is were the change will happen.


February 10, 2009


in todays lecture/workshop we have bee asked to create a slideshow basing it on what we do on A daily basis.  This slideshow could consist of pictures of us, screen picks, or pictures off the internet. To relate my slideshow on today’s lecture I I’m going to do my slideshow on face book. Nowadays I go on face book EVERYDAY! Its worse than msn when I first discovered that, I don’t even use msn any more its boring and out of date, Mysapce I’m not really a big fan of I had a Myspace account for a few months the deleted it I saw it could it people into trouble. With face book now… it can still get you into trouble I suppose but only if you want it to. Face book has said to be the new it thing! I joined last year it wasn’t really a big deal but you find the moist interesting things that get you addicted. i.e. old friends from primary school, high school, 6th form and now new friends at university. Not to mention the gossip. I use face book nearly everyday I think more times than I have picked up a book. I look at it for up coming events and to socialize. After/ in a lecture ill be on face book. After doing some work on the internet ill be on face book.





Stefan Sagmeister

January 6, 2009

Today we were introduced to a graphic designer icon from the 1990’s called Stefan Sagmeister, creating different designs from inspiration from a design he viewed that made him happy.
When going to public transport stations you will always see signs telling you what and what not to do. The picture below was designed in the same way but with different content telling a person what and what not to do, but this is a reflection on life.

He says just looking at designs can make you happy. Above is the picture Life Instruction of what made him happy, it made him happy because it’s the same design as those in the stations but with different meaning. I like Life Instructions because it tells you to do this forever and if everyone did the world would be a better place.